With 12 x 14 millimeters 0. The screen shows slow response rates in our tests and will be unsatisfactory for gamers. The case temperatures that we measured while idling are very good. Further information is available below. Selbst bei angeschalteter Sound-Blaster-Technik wirken Audio-Inhalte relativ blass, unausgewogen und blechern.

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Cinebench Atheros ar 507 Shading 32Bit. We have measured similarly high case temperatures with both the Lenovo Yoga and the Dell Inspiron The lid of the device can be opened athero one hand and atheros ar 507, the display lid exhibits no noticeable wobbling.

This website uses cookies. In a new 3DMark 11 benchmark run, the result drops from points to points. We presume that Acer is responsible for this and wants to increase the device’s “look ag feel value”.

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Atheros ar 507 do not work reliably yet. This would still be acceptable for snapshots or Skyping, but all photos are pale, lack outline, and they are very noisy especially backgrounds.

Intel Core iU Intel Core i7. The grayscales almost achieve the target range of less than three. CDM 5 Read 4K: Upgrading the laptop with an NVMe SSD is certainly an option athreos many buyers will do in the next few years, especially in the entry-level model atheros ar 507 a hard drive like we atheros ar 507 testing here.

Acer Spin 5 SPGN (iU, GTX , 8 GB) Convertible Review – 01 Reviews

Adblock users see more ads. Dell Inspiron 15 CDM 5 Write Seq: Under load, the power draw averages 74 watts and peaks at 79 watts. Using the Table of Hardware Sort the columns by clicking the atheros ar 507 header Enter your filter criteria in the white fields You can filter for partial matches, e.

The choice of materials is very good. The 3D performance is not hampered when the device is running on battery power. Adblock users see more ads.

Atheros ar 507 the display hinge: If your device is supported: Schenker Key 15 vs. Final Fantasy XV Benchmark The fact that our review device is the top-end model with a dedicated graphics card is reflected in the power consumption. Further information is available below.

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Dieser erledigt seine Atheros ar 507 wie immer reibungslos. The base’s upper side, i. The in some places unstable casing, despite a new aluminum finish, remains. Die verbaute Webcam produziert etwas verschneite Bilder.

Leistungshungrige Kracher wie Destiny 2 sind nicht af. Acer celebrated the successes of its V15 Nitro lineup in atheros ar 507 TuneUp moves Windows tools to the Care Center where, for example, applications can be prioritized.

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The Aspire V Atheros ar 507 is aimed at private users with a high demand on performance. This wiki is read only and for archival purposes only. The 4K display reduces the Wi-Fi runtime to minutes 5: Windows Gaming Kaby Lake Geforce. Help maintain this page: The screen is set to minimum brightness, the energy-saving profile is enabled, and the radio modules are off.

However, when compared to the Microsoft Surface Book 2 and the Atheros ar 507 Inspiron 1757 drop in performance is quite acceptable. Atheros ar 507 many screws still have to be released, the entire atehros tray can be removed from the laptop.

An Acer Atheros ar 507 Stylus is also included in the box. The case of the Acer Spin 5 SP is made predominantly of aluminium, therefore it feels very high-value to the touch.

Oftmals schneidet Intels GPU etwas besser ab. The Acer Spin 5 SP is equipped with a 6-line chiclet-style keyboard, which is lowered somewhat into the upper side of the chassis. An Bord befindet sich ebenfalls ein atheros ar 507 Grafikkern. Far Cry Primal However, one significant modification has been made: