Hi, I have tried the steps that you’ve described and when i chose the location of the drivers it told me that the computer did not found the drivers although i did everything as you wrote.. Thank you I have been trying for hours if it wasnt for this advice i would have had no chance as i dont know much about computers. The device cannot start it says in device manager. I have also read of people getting the camera to work without the mic on the camera working for vista64bit, thats all im looking for so i am kind of squeemish about replacing or downgrading any files actually a part of my OS. The lighting adjustments that are available and the face-tracking are also a helpful addition.

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Thanks so much for v-ubc40 logitech. After the reboot my QC Messenger mic has an error message: Olgitech doesn’t pick up the drivers when pointing to the folder with the extracted files from qcenu, no matter if you point it v-ubc40 logitech to the folder with the files. As an industry analyst I am pretty familiar with many different comapnies and thier support or lack thereof and this is pretty close v-ubc40 logitech the tops in customer abuse.

Thank you a lot, unlike the official support on logitech forums. I am now stuck at the first f-ubc40.

Finally someone who has logiteech a way around Logitech’s poor support and advice. It v-ubc40 logitech does better with my wife’s face. Ok I tried to download the 8.

I extract the content of qc to a folder. Windows is SP2 with all updates, so I suuppose also some system driver has incorrect version too new? Thank you very very much for v-ubc40 logitech post. After 10 mn working on it.

Vista won’t recognize the folder I created. Thanks V-ubc40 logitech for the solution.

How the hell other ppl did this under vista is beyond me. V-ubc40 logitech Gracias from Colombia Thanks so much, I believed i had to buy a camera, but now i dont have to!!!

Trick to Use Logitech QuickCam Messenger in Windows Vista – Tech Journey

v-ubc40 logitech This basically the same trick used for Windows 32 bit except that the v-ubc40 logitech drivers from Logitech don’t unpack with WinRAR! You will need to find a copy of usbaudio. Do you have an answer? Thank you very much!!!!!

Any cure for this? Thanks for the hack. After reboot, the yellow exclamation mark has v-ubc40 logitech. On the other hand, using Windows Vista Add V-ubc40 logitech Wizard will not detect any driver for the webcam, even though you have extracted the driver files from the executable, no matter the Wizard search automatically online and locally or been asked to browse and locate the software drivers on the v-ubc400 location.

The camera I have is the quickcam communicator STX and it worked fine. It worked perfectly on my Quickcam Messenger, great!

One way of doing this as Luis v-ubc440 is to v-ub4c0 a live Linux CD. It’s apparent that this is v-ubc40 logitech policy decision and not a technical one and it is a poor one at that.

Trick to Use Logitech QuickCam Messenger in Windows Vista

Kogitech given up hope! Doesn’t work for me, with Quickcam Express. I cannot seem to get the frame rate all the way v-ubc40 logitech to 30 fps, but that may be due v-ubc40 logitech my computer and my connection. I have checked if they accidentally got muted or something but my laptop says they work.

I can’t find the Drivers is in the damn folder. The headset lgitech is average. Once v-ubc40 logitech is granted, rename the file to “usbaudio.

Go into Bios when starting your computer, set USB controller to 1. But I do have a question. Been looking for v-ubc40 logitech file.