Jaime Rodriguez April 19, If I move it backward, then the image freezes and goes white again. Jer’ May 29, Thanks for posting this, came across this site with a stroke of luck and found the guide extremely helpful. What great links for the sony service manuals. Now i have no idea what went wrong as i did not do anything with laptop.

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At first crackly sound suggesting loose contact, now nothing except windows sound at boot up is normal.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

The old system motherboard has failed and will sony vaio vgn-ns25g be available to use for this effort. Paul Maconi Sony vaio vgn-ns25g 1, Does anyone have a service manual with laptop motherboard schematics?

Hi Plz can you tell me if I upgrade from Vista to 7, will I lose all my documents? Does it look something like this?

Ed Bax March 8, Maz July 9, Please can someone help me? Insert the recovery disc into the DVD drive and restart the computers.

I am sure that when dismantling the laptop, you have accidentally removed the tape sticked on the IB inverter board. Ashish March 11, Mike February 9, Charles Chong March 14, Ery Sony vaio vgn-ns25g, SKom December 30, sony vaio vgn-ns25g Jared July 6, New hard drive fitted with fresh install, this did not help. faio

How To Do Vista To Windows 7 Upgrade

Adam April 18, I want to upgrade win vista home premium to win 7 sony vaio vgn-ns25g premium. Can i upgrade the normal way or is their any complications in updating from 34bit os to 64bit os.

But my laptop screen remains black. However, still the laptop is working. Remember not to remove any sellotape sticked on mainboard.

For the amount this laptop cost we should be able to install a couple programs that we use daily in the office…. I purchased toshiba laptop with windows vista on july 2nd. All service manuals are in PDF format and you can download sony vaio vgn-ns25g using below mentioned links.

What can Sonh do to fix this? Roseman July 29, Minnie May 30, It sony vaio vgn-ns25g been fine for months but all of a sudden when you turn it on it says windows is not genuine, but it is. Take a look at the screen bezel and somewhere in the lower left or right corner find the laptop model number.

Please take the IB out sony vaio vgn-ns25g the tube and wrap it with transparent sellotape around it as spiral shape from head to end till IB is fully wrapped. Thanks for notifying the error, Simon. I live in a not so well-connected town in India.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

Can u pls assist me with the upgrade for Hp Laptop Pvilion Dv Luffy November 16, sony vaio vgn-ns25g Searching on the internet, I found that there is a recurrent grapic card problem on vaio fz series. Charlie Blair, Could be memory failure. Appreciate it if anyone can help….