Chapter 1 [3] [4] [19] [10] [11] [12] [18] [17] [16] [15] [14][13] F [1] Duplexing reverse roller [2] Duplexing flapper [3] Fixing sleeve [4] Fixing pressure roller [5] Fixing unit [6] Control panel [7] ETB [8] Duplexing feed roller [9] Transfer roller [10] Multi-purpose tray pick-up roller [11] Attraction roller You can join these printouts together to make one large poster. Page 92 Chapter 3 F F 2 Rotate the gear [1] and align the holes [2] with the circles [3] each in the How to Confirm the Alignment of the Gear [4] 2 locations. Click [Easy Installation] or [Custom Installation]. Perform any one of the following procedures that is suitable for your operating system to display the Properties dialog boxes. Menu Bar For more details on operations, see Online Help.

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Make sure that the folder to be browsed is displayed for [Specify a location], and then click [Next]. How to Use Online Help For details on using the printer driver or the Printer Status Window, display Online Help using the following procedure to see the instructions in it. Be careful of the following points when removing or installing the toner canon lbp 5300. Cause 2 The position of the paper is incorrect. Page Setting Up the Printing Environment CHAPTER This chapter describes the procedure for installing the printer driver in a computer and specifying the settings for printing from a network computer by sharing the printer on the network.

Clicking [ ] next to each guide displays the respective PDF manuals. Make sure that [Local printer] is selected, then click [Next].

Page 39 Optional Canon lbp 5300 If you try canon lbp 5300 remove the jammed paper forcefully, the feed roller may come off.

We cano a dedicated canon lbp 5300 support team and custom pricing for all Collegiate, K, Public and Private Education customers. The displayed color and printed color differ when printing photos, etc.

Chapter 5 F Memo: Canon lbp 5300 the rotational speed of the fixing pressure roller is slower than that of the ETB, the paper warp is increased and image defect or paper crease possibly occurs. Select the USB port for connecting this printer, and then click ,bp. Paper Jams When a paper jam occurs during canon lbp 5300, the Paper Jam indicator orange blinks, and the following messages appear in the Printer Status Window.

404 Not Found

If a paper jam occurs when performing 2-sided printing, perform the following procedure. When the position of the transfer roller ESP is shifted normally, the slide plate is placed to the standard position and all four colors’ transfer ,bp are returned to be engaged for the “ETB cleaning ” Page 24 Then, unplug the power plug from the AC power outlet and contact your local authorized Canon dealer.

Enter a new name in [Printer name] if you want to change the printer name, then click [Next]. The color canon lbp 5300 is printed. Page Chapter 5 5 Select the drive in which you have set the system CD, and click [search]. Printer sharing settings require running canonn Setup Wizard] to enable the sharing canon lbp 5300. Page Press ” ” of the power switch to turn the printer ON. Handling The Printer Handling the Printer This printer consists of lhp electronic and precise optical parts.

Poster Printing Poster Printing You can magnify a single page image and print it out on multiple sheets of paper. Remove any jammed paper by pulling canon lbp 5300 in the direction of the arrow. Take the new toner cxnon out canon lbp 5300 the protective bag after taking it out of the package.

In the case canon lbp 5300 a 500, it is not possible to change the intensity of toner colors. Chapter 2 Canon lbp 5300 DC controller performs this control according to the command from the video controller as following sequence.

Specifying the Paper Output Method Select a paper output method from the following options in [Finishing] in the [Finishing] sheet.

Canon Ink Cartridge And Canon Toner Cartridge

If you are not performing 2-sided printing, proceed to the next step. Canon Laser Class Toner. NOTE [Unknown] may be displayed as the name canon lbp 5300 the device. Cleaning The Outside Of The Printer Cleaning the Outside of the Printer Periodically clean the outer surfaces and ventilation slots of the printer to maintain the optimal printing quality. Table Of Contents Contents 3. Setup Menu 3 Chapter 1 1. Transfer roller voltage detection F 2. The charging method of this printer is to charge directly to the photosensitive drum surface from the primary charging roller, which is interlocked with the canon lbp 5300.

The [Finishing] sheet reappears.