Place your originals, and press [Special Features] [ ] in this order. Depending on the system configuration and product purchased, some manuals may not be needed. After the current job is complete, repeat the operation. Even if the data has not been deleted, the print job may not print correctly. Page Press the key of the copy mode to be changed or cancelled. You may also copy on this cover sheet. To cancel a mode:

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Two-Sided Copying Two-Sided Page Press [Binding Erase] and designate the area of the binding holes on the original.

Canon iR3300 Series Printer Manual

When you select only download canon ir3320i printer [Chapter Page] mode, proceed prniter step 5. Press [Binding Erase] and designate prinrer area of the binding holes on the download canon ir3320i printer. The Special Features screen is divided into two screens.

Two-sided printing in portrait orientation Front Page When you change the copy settings, the machine starts to print from the first set. When you wish to combine images on the back of the copy sheet as well as the front, press [Back], and select the desired image form. Point size Point size refers to the height of the character. Page Reducing Two, Four, or Eight Originals to Fit on dowload Single Copy Sheet Image Combination This mode automatically reduces two, four, or eight originals, two-sided originals, or the facing pages of a book to fit onto one side or both sides of a selected paper size.

You must include your own machine as one of the output devices.

Canon iRi Driver| Software Drivers Downloads

Composing Images form Composition Composing Images Form Composition Form Composition is a function that superimposes an image image form previously scanned, registers it in the memory of the machine, and places it on the image of the original. Front Cover Adds a front cover sheet to each set of copies. Common Settings This downlowd displays cwnon common printer settings of the machine, as determined by the Set- tings menu.

Dividing an Original Into Equal Sections and Enlarging Each Section on a Separate Copy Sheet Image Separation This mode automatically divides an original into equal sections, and copies each section printeg an enlarged form on download canon ir3320i printer separate sheet.

The registered remote copy printer connected to the download canon ir3320i printer is displayed. Press [Entire Image], and press [Done].

Bit-mapped Fonts And Scalable Fonts Bit-mapped Fonts and Scalable Fonts There are two types of fonts available, and these fonts are distinguished by the type of data from which they are formed. If you want to make copies in page order, begin copying from the first page and work your way forward.

Timeout Print After Completing RIP Settings Menu Timeout 5 – 15 – sOff When the download canon ir3320i printer is set to switch between printer modes, the machine detects primter control commands and starts printing in the appropriate mode.

Select [Auto], and press [Done]. Recalling A Previous Copy Download canon ir3320i printer recall Recalling a Previous Copy Setting Recall This function enables you to recall the three most recently performed copy settings, and make copies using those download canon ir3320i printer. Place your originals, and press [Special Features] [ ] in this order. Page 77 Scalable Fonts With scalable fonts, characters are freely enlarged or compressed from the one point to download canon ir3320i printer size you wish in 0.

Specify different copy ratios for the vertical and horizontal directions. When printerr select [Staple] with the Saddle Finisher-G1 attached: Making Copies for Use as a Booklet Booklet You can copy one-sided or two-sided originals in such a way that the copies can easily be made into a booklet.

After all the data has been received and the end of the data is detected, the print mode stops. Please refer to them for detailed information.

Canon IR3320i Copying Manual

Manuals prijter the Machine The manuals for this machine are divided as follows. Page 73 Pitch cpi Pitch refers to the download canon ir3320i printer of characters that are printed in one inch. Select the paper type, and press [OK]. Page Sheet Download canon ir3320i printer Adds sheet insertions between the pages of copy sets.

To copy another sample set, press [Sample Set]. You can use both the feeder and the platen ir330i for scanning. To reproduce copies with text or lines with a sharper contrast, use [High] as the setting.


Page 4 On 1 Reduces four, 1-sided or two, 2-sided originals to fit onto one side or both sides of a copy sheet. Making Copies with Margins Margin This mode enables you to make copies with the entire download canon ir3320i printer image shifted by a designated width to the left, right, top, or bottom to download canon ir3320i printer a margin on the copies.

This mode is useful if you need to make a rush copy during a long copy job. Selecting a Printing Destination; Giving Priority to the Output Device Use this procedure to select an output device for remote copying, before you select the copy settings.

Page 79 When you select [Rotate]: Canon iR Reference Manual pages. The Printer Settings or the Report Settings can be accessed from this screen. The shift direction refers not to the direction in which the original is placed on the platen glass or in the feeder, but to the direction that you want the original image shifted, if the original image is viewed as face up and situated in the centre of the copy download canon ir3320i printer.

Press [Setting Confirmation] on the Basic Features screen.

Selecting Image Quality Selecting Image Quality You can adjust image quality to the level best suited for the quality of text or photo originals. Making Two-Sided Copies from Facing Pages in a Book Book download canon ir3320i printer This feature enables you to make two-sided copies from facing pages or the front and back sides of a page in a bound original, such as a book or a magazine.