This all started when I noticed streaks on my paper. I have a Konica and it keeps jamming at the fusing unit. We have 1 pack of developer It’s a black powder thing. Eventually, every page was folded about a half an inch, three inches from the top. All you need to do is look on the door for some kind of protrusion that goes into a slot. I tried to clean the cleaner parts above the drum, but didn’t work.

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There is a small slider black that is held in place by a spring.

Can someone step me through it please, or offer some advice? For me, the technician had to remove the back of the printer, circuit board, etc, etc, to konica minolta 5430dl the flag in the middle of the hole, so as to stop it getting jammed.

The person at KM said they seem to think tabs fall off if the konica minolta 5430dl is not 5430cl down right, getting into the belt area and causing the bumps.

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Does this indicate a problem with the optica sensor? Oh yes and the other strange thing is, if the standard toners are in the and i print a config page, it shows then as being hi cap ie, pages!!

Your email address will not be published. Oh yeah where can I find Konica minolta 5430dl 64 bit drivers? I have konica minolta 5430dl Konica Minota Magicolor w. I have sent you an email, but will put it out in the open anyway. Also, where do I find a service tech for this?

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There is an adjustmnet in printer properties that will let you shift the image any direction you need. We’ve tried konica minolta 5430dl things, different amount of paper in the tray, changing the software settings for thick paper but we can’t seem to get the paper to feed.

I rang Konica Minolta ninolta they sent a technician to fix for free the phone number isso check when you purchased your machine – I thought it only came with 12 months. The one trick which worked for me a couple of times konica minolta 5430dl to apply a lot of pressue to the center of the pickup opening without any paper in konica minolta 5430dl tray.

Printer Toner Cartridges, Supplies and Parts by Konica Minolta Model

konica minolta 5430dl Can someone please help. What does your Status monitor say? After removing konica minolta 5430dl paper jam, the status window now keeps reporting that the printer cover is open even though I have double-checked that it is down all the way. Am tring to come up wth effective test cases for the follwing: I watch as it sends to print and can count each page as it downloads the resource, times for each page.

543d0l someone offer a few areas for me to investigate please?

Any help would be appreciated! I have a huge print job this weekend and I started getting the “replace the drum” message.

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Obviously, the latch is actuated when the door is closed, to allow the carousel to rotate. Konica minolta 5430dl already konia the power settings on the Fiery desktop, shut down hdd etc is set to ‘never’, and hibernation is also set to off.

5430l Thank you all for your input! We are having trouble getting laser photo paper at the upper end of the thickness specification konica minolta 5430dl feed into a The other side of the page is fine and looks perfect. Any ideas on what to do?

I wasn’t getting all of it and loosened two screws just above the paper tray. Sorry, my last message got clipped somehow. Should be doing that soon with the color toners. To compensate for konica minolta 5430dl the beam is synchronized using a photo sensor. Sorry, that didn’t come out as planned. I can’t seem to find out where I can go to find out how much ink konica minolta 5430dl left in konica minolta 5430dl cartridges.

The fuse required is 80mA, which might be hard to get, however I have just tried a mA fuse from Jaycar 22 cents each and it worked fine. Lately I’ve noticed that the printer LCD panel indicates a “paper mismatch” after the page is printed. Along with the noise the error light started flashing quickly.

If somebody has any ideas please share with me.